The Joy Of Sniffing Cinnamon

I am not a doctor or a medical authority so do not try anything that I might suggest in this post unless you ask your own physician first. You have been warned.

Humans are “Sniffing” creatures. Dogs are sniffing creatures. The difference between Human sniffers and canine sniffers is that canine sniffers have many thousands of odor sensing nerves in their noses while Human beings have fewer — much fewer to be exact.

Another difference between canine sniffers and human sniffers is that the dogs are more likely to sniff other dogs in some fairly disgusting places and they do it in private or in public without any sense of shame at all. Dogs do sniff humans but I doubt there are many humans who actually sniff dogs.

That being said, I did know one rich young lady once who had a habit of French Kissing her two poodles. Ugh!

I remember once when I had a doberman pincer dog and the nextdoor lady (A really hefty creature) came over to my yard to bring me some home made cookies. While we were talking, my doberman (named “Nosey”) walked up behind the sturdily-built lady and rammed the full length of his nose up her behind, sniffing vigorously.

The fat lady let out a blood curdling scream and flew straight up into the air for about three or four feet … totally without the assistance of wings or rockets or anything else. She reminded me of a wild turkey flying straight up (Like a helicopter) into a tree.

But I digress. This article is supposed to be about sniffing cinnamon.

It is said in some places that sniffing a stick of cinnamon is especially helpful if you find yourself in the midst of a crowd of unwashed people … like in a city mission down in the slums …or somewhere where people are not particular about their own body odors.

If you are prone to letting farts in enclosed spaces, a good cinnamon stick is also useful in that circumstance.

But on a more sober note, it is said (I have heard it said) that sniffing cinnamon in any form is useful to people trying to learn things because it does something to the brain to help retain memory of what is being learned or studied.

You can follow that little tidbit up on the internet if you wish but maybe you will find the following interesting:Cinnamon may aid learning ability: Spice consumption made mice better learnersCinnamon is a delicious addition to toast, coffee and breakfast rolls. Eating the tasty household spice also might…www.sciencedaily.comJohn Liming

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How To Use Anger For Good

Here is what Automotive Magnate, Lee Iacocca once reportedly said about anger … “ In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.”

Here is what I say about anger:

I think plowing our anger into something positive would include passing laws that have teeth in them to force people to wear masks and get vaccines in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I think keeping busy and plowing our anger into something positive includes making sure that Trump never wins another election. (Get out and vote, volunteer as campaigners, use social media to best effect to convince others, whatever it takes that is legal to take.)

I will think of other things as time goes on but these two seem to be the most important at this particular time … to me anyway.

Greener More Fertile Lawns

Photo by Russ Jones on Unsplash

I read something on one of the crazier blogs where the writer was telling us that among the many horrors that will come upon the earth in the future is that people will be forced to bury their dead in their own back yards.

I thought to myself after reading that, “Imagine the money that burying the dead in our own back yards would save on lawn maintenance costs.”

More or less free fertilizer.

The Ultimate Cheese Sandwich

This one is for true cheese lovers.

Photo by Onder Ortel from Unsplash

Recipe for the sandwich: Take two slices of American Cheese and substitute it for the bread ordinarily used on cheese sandwiches — Between the two slices of American Cheese, pack in a generous helping of shredded cheddar cheese.

Use mayonnaise just the same as always if you are a mayonaise fan. I prefer tartar sauce myself.

You could also use Swiss cheese for the bread substitution if you prefer and you could use cream cheese as the filling for the sandwich if you don’t like cheddar.

There you have it, the ultimate cheese sandwich.

If you are into “Club”-type sandwiches, you could make this sandwich a double Decker if you want to.


I’m So Glad

I am so blessed, so pleased and so honored that after more than Ten years of blogging, I have finally managed to have Twenty-Nine followers to this blog.

It makes me feel real good and gives me a real lift to know that there are wonderful people out there who are willing to take their precious time to read the stuff written by the likes of myself.

Whoever you Twenty-Nine great folks are, know that I love and appreciate each and everyone of you more than you can ever know and that just by being there, you make my life more worthwhile.

Thanks to all of you.

Right Wing Bible Lesson

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

Modern American Conservatism says, “We are the way …we are the only way to gain peace, prosperity and freedom in The United States and every word spoken by a Conservative is Truth and every word spoken by anyone else is either a lie or is suspect … and if you want to live in America there is definitely no Life without the things that we can do for you. No one can truly live in America unless they do everything we say to do. We set ourselves up as Gods and you will either worship us or we will take vengeance against you, doing everything possible to ruin you and drag your good name through the dirt …and to eventually totally impoverish you! You can pray to God all you want but it is us you must obey because we have the power and everyone who is out of our favor is a useless expendable serf. Conservatives are the only people on the planet who can take a broken governmental system and fix it. No one can prosper or be free in America except by us and those who follow us!”

Tappin’ It

Somebody has written an article claiming that some state is going to “Tap” their National Guard in some kind of assistance in fighting Covid-19. I am not sure I could “Tap” an entire fighting unit all at once all at the same time. But it seems there is somebody somewhere who believes it can be done.

I heard that the state of New Mexico is imprisoning more people on a regular basis than are some countries other than The United States. What is the moral of this revelation? I would say the moral is “Stay the hell away from New Mexico.”

Did you read or hear that the Taliban is pestering some of the airlines to resume regular flights to Afghanistan after the recent take over? Does this mean that the Taliban have worked out the problems associated with stowing away on flights to The United States? It makes me wonder!

I am not a doctor even though when I was a kid I enjoyed playing doctor … but I would like to take a shot here (Pun intended) and say, “The only thing we really need to know about the booster shots for Covid-19 is get the hell out and get one!”

The news is telling me that there is a new hurricane somewhere out in the ocean and they are calling it “Sam” and saying that it is not going to pose any threats to the United States. My question then is, “If it isn’t going to pose any threats why in hell are the broadcasters spending all that money talking about it?”

Somebody is asking the question, “Why is The United States refusing to “Give” nuclear submarines to India? I think I know the answer to that one: “The U.S. would rather “Sell” the damned expensive things than give them away. It makes common sense to me.”

Here is a horror story for you … one of the reasons that I refuse to fly (Other than the fact that it is dangerous to fly without wings .. and I do not have wings. But back to my comment: I read a horrific headline recently in a respected underground newspaper that said, “Two Hundred Fleas Dead In Bird Crash.”

I was reading a story about the new volcano in Spain where the headline of the story was saying that a church was destroyed as lava engulfed it. I am wondering to myself, “What did somebody who wrote that headline think would happen when the lava engulfed the church? Duh!”

There is some argument this year as to whether or not children (and needy adults and the homeless) should go out trick or treating during the coming Halloween festivities. My opinion is that if everybody wears a mask, it might be alright. But then who doesn’t wear a mask on Halloween? Dumb assed argument if you want my opinion about it.

Another news story headline that raised my eyebrows: “Idiot Makes Big Splash On Broadway After Jumping From 100th Floor.”

A new book in my imaginary library, “Under The Bleachers” by Seymour Butts.

There was a little old lady who lived in a shoe … she had so many brats she didn’t know what to do …. would you?

Stranger News …. The story said that police shot and killed an armed gunman on some really crowded beach somewhere … but, unless I missed something while reading the story, there were no witnesses … except some seagulls and a few fish that washed ashore. And as everybody knows, dead fish tell no tales.

Somebody love me … please.

Yes You Can If You Really Want To!

18 hours ago

Yes You Can If You Really Want To!

Topics: Life, Creativity and Success (Free For Anyone To Use)

Stephen Hawking is reported to have said, “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. “

There is a lot of poverty in the world and we have our share of it here in The United States. I, myself, was raised dirt poor and decided early in life that I would never amount to anything worthwhile.

Being poor often conditions a person’s mind to believe that they will never do any better. I call this attitude, “Locked In Poverty Syndrome.”

People who suffer from this syndrome actually believe that it is their destiny to always have little of what life has to offer and they get comfortable in their own situation and later they are drawn to do things that will go a long way in insuring that they will always be poverty stricken. They get to the point where they believe there is no way out — — that they are stuck in their situation forever — that Society wants to keep them down — that they have nothing to offer to society — the actually accept poverty as their comfort zone.

I have always said, “America is filled with such a vast universe of opportunities that there is no excuse for anybody to remain in poverty or to fail to succeed at something profitable and worth while.”

Then I get barraged with all kinds of lame excuses as to why there are some people who simply never have a chance to succeed because of some physical or mental limitation or some circumstance in their lives … there are a million such fatalistic excuses out there … and everyone of the excuses are totally lame!

Success at anything begins with what I call “The Burning Desire.”

The burning desire is not just wishful thinking … it is not mere daydreaming … although I will admit that it can begin with either of the two of those.

The burning desire that I am talking about is more like an obsession … it consumes the imagination all the time .. day and night … it is gnawing .. it is electric .. it releases endorphins of pleasurable sensations … it motivates … it is a driving force … it overwhelms even the senses sometimes.

It was this kind of burning desire that caused Edison to make more than Ten Thousand light bulb experiments before he ever got one of them to work.

Burning desire can be cultivated even in the midst of the most dire circumstances. One of the best examples of a flame that lit the fuse of burning desire in a person was illustrated in a scene from a motion picture called “Gone With The Wind” where a woman in desperate poverty shook her fists at the heavens and exclaimed that she would never go hungry again.”

It took a lot of suffering to get that woman to that point but when she reached her breaking point, the fire was ignited and she went on to prosper because of it … despite what looked like impossible odds.

When I was 19 years old I was stricken with a terrible case of infectious hepatitis. The doctors put me into a darkened room, onto a diet of mostly sugar … and told me that I would never work a day in my life again because I was so debilitated from the disease.

After wallowing in that mire for a few weeks, I decided that I was going to beat this thing even if it killed me in the process.

I got out of bed and walked around my room. I did this every day until I felt strong enough to go outside into the yard … into the sunshine and the fresh air. It was tough going because I was so weak.

But, to make a long story short, in about 8 weeks, I was walking up and down city streets … later I began to lift weights …In a year I was in remission, able to do things I thought I would never be able to do again.

In a couple of years I was strong enough to join the military and spend 7 years and 3 months on active duty.

After that I took every physically demanding job I could find and built myself up into a fine and healthy physical specimen — — The doctor was wrong! My steel will power was right. I know it was a risk but when one is desperate there are some risks that suddenly appear to be worth the taking.

Did I mention that the military paid for my college education with the G.I. Bill of Rights and that since that time I have never had to worry about poverty again? Did I mention that?

Throughout my life I have seen many many cases where people with disabilities that looked impossible to overcome have overcome them and become literal champions in the game of Life.

I don’t listen to the excuses anymore.

Whatever a person can conceive in their minds, they can achieve with the proper amount of determination and willpower.

Without this kind of determination I am sure we would all still be driving horses instead of our luxurious automobiles.

It is free for the taking!

Get your share!